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612, 2017

ABC: Our top West Australian on the love of her people and the power of self belief

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From ABC Radio Perth: Dr Tracy Westerman was named WA's Australian of the Year. She is a proud Njamal woman of the Pilbara, who's giving back to the communties she loves so much. Tracy is a psychologist who has spent more than two decades working to reduce mental illness in Aboriginal people and better understand why some communities have such high rates of suicide. She is teaching her [...]

1803, 2010

Aboriginal Mental Health and Suicide Prevention – Dr Tracy Westerman at SPINZ National Symposium

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This interview was shared by the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand (MHF). For more information, please visit

“I am living proof of why a young person should never let anyone convince them that they aren’t capable of earning their dreams.”

Dr Tracy Westerman